Zebby 3D Birds DIY

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Zebby 3D Birds Puzzle made from cardboard are a great parent-child interaction activity!
6-Birds Puzzles Corrugated Cardboard Punched Sheet, 1-Lamp Post Corrugated Cardboard Punched Sheet, 1-Water Color box with Brush, 5-feet plastic thread.


Zebby’s DIY 3D Birds are designed to nurture your child’s imagination and creativity in a fun-filled and engaging way. The puzzles are made of recycled cardboard that is eco-friendly and non-toxic and the pieces are individually slotted to interlock with one another to form a 3D model. Everything is pre-cut and assembled by pushing the pieces together. There is nothing to cut or glue. Directions are included on the box. Each puzzle can be painted and decorated however your child likes.

This is activity and learning aids for children and adults. You can make your own unique birds by self-locking assembling, without messy glue or scissors and paint them for your imagination.

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